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De Gulden Passer 92/1 (2014)


Goran Proot • Shaking Hands with Antwerp’s Rich Past: A guided tour through six centuries of printing, publishing, collecting and commemorating • 7-10

Renaud Adam • The emergence of Antwerp as a printing centre: From the earliest days of printing to the Reformation (1481–1520) • 11-29

Karen L. Bowen • Christopher Plantin, Philip ii, and the Vatican: Negotiating between personal preferences and pragmatic considerations when designing the Antwerp editions of the new Tridentine missal • 31-52

Pierre Delsaerdt • The inheritors of loss: Seized libraries and bibliophily in late 18th-century Antwerp • 53-70

Kevin Absillis • Remembering modernity: Print culture heritage and the building of the Belgian nation • 71-101

Steven Van Impe, Goran Proot and Susanna De Schepper • Beyond description: Bibliographic tools as ‘big data’ for the study of Belgian handpress books. With an example on the use of typographical ornaments, 1501–1540 • 103-124

Gert Meesters • Willy Vandersteen and his legacy: Comics publishing in Antwerp from 1945 to the present day • 125-142

Index nominum • 143-145

Personalia • 147